Paramount Traditional Music Artists of All – Time: Who are the Top Folk Singers?

The history of American folk music had yielded a pool of top singers or songwriters, artists, and bands in the world. The list below shows but focused more with folk singers and rock artists. Here are some of the paramount traditional music artists of all time, in alphabetical order.

  1. The Alamanac Singers

alamanac singers
The first folk music excellent group is no other than “The Almanacs”. It turned to be the successful careers The first folk music excellent group is no other than “The Almanacs”. It turned to be the successful careers Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Lee Hays, Burl Ives, Josh White and different other people who were responsible for the founding staple of the group or who hinged them on events. Seeger and Hays then formed “The Weavers” singing group.



  1. Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco
Perhaps, Ani DiFranco can be considered as the most popular Gen-X traditional singer. After releasing her self-titled debut in the year 1990, she was able to build an exceptionally excellent fan base everywhere in the world.  She was indeed an effective independent record label out of her hometown in Buffalo, NY. She gets an average of one album every year which is her work. She was also able to slide in many cooperation and profit albums. It’s aside from, her endless trip schedules.



  1. Ben Harper

Ben Harper
Ben Harper is considered to be one of the best and unsurpassed folk artists around the globe. He’s able to maintain a kind of fad following for over a period of ten years, fetching his soulful traditional bent to rather piercing protest piece of songs and chants concerning impartiality and the social experience. Irrespective of his fame, by his melancholy, instinctive song writing abilities, he was able to be recognized as one of the best!




  1. Bob Dylan

The list of great folk music could not be completed without permission to Mr. Bob Dylan.   His song – writing has traversed every corner and crevice of Americana, commencing from the blues toward folk toward rock and roll. His influence is undeniably felt by every aspect of American music. From early 1960s current harmonies to his famous songs of today, Mr. Dylan is simply once of the paramount American traditional artists.

  1. The Carter Family

Bob DylanAmerican folk music could never be completed without the Carter Family. Their music helped motivate people like Bob Dylan. “This Land is Your Land” melody, composed by Woody Guthrie’s, was inspired from a longstanding Carter Family harmony. There was one in the name of, Johnny Cash, who grew up listening to them on the radio. Almost every folk artist came up listening to the Carter Family and learns their songs.  The influence of Carter Family is truly felt on modern folk music.


  1. Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens, alias Yusuf Islam, was one of the supreme influential traditional singer/songwriters during the year 1970s. His melodies were peace-focused and blended facets of classic pop with modern traditional music. It made him highly distinguished with his contemporaries.  One of his songs, Wild World, had even attracted and covered by artists of different genres.



  1. Charlie Poole

Charlie Poole
Back in the year 1920s, Charlie Poole was one of the primary stars of the old time scene. He’s the lead singer of the North Carolina Ramblers and this led him to become highly influential on the instituting fathers of the American bluegrass. Their melody “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down” became a country-folk standard in the latter years of 1920s.




  1. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
No argument at all, Dave Carter was one of the finest song writers of his time. In his cooperation with Portland fiddle player Tracy Grammer, the duo coped to sing and perform their means into the hearts of fans, even just for a short time before Carters died in 2002. Their debut album was covered in their kitchen, and later became a favorite hits among fanatic enthusiasts around the country.





  1. Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk
One of the most significant personalities in the Greenwich Village traditional music scene during the 60s is no other than Dave Van Ronk. He’s an activist and a songwriter at the same time. Also were a Merchant Marine and a former barbershop quartet member. But what placed him on the map was his scene involvement. There’s actually a street named after him in the West Village of New York.



  1. Doc Watson

Doc Watson
Dan Watson became an inspiration with a number of other influential traditional artists like Bob Dylan. He’s a master flat-picker, a gifted instrumentalist indeed.