Hello folks!!! It’s me again to give you a brief rundown on what’s been going on in the band. I know I have been a little behind, but I will try to give updates a little closer together.

Well, where to start…. Well we have been playing shows both in and around Ohio and trying out some of the new material. We have been mixing it with the stuff from the CD and it seems to be going over pretty good. As we continue to play we will be adding more of the new stuff into the set to see what kind of response it gets. As the weeks go on we will be starting to demo the stuff and maybe we will even try to put a portion of some of the new stuff on the site. We have continued writing and have completed more new songs for the upcoming CD, so we have many songs to pick from and I can hardly wait to unveil all of the new stuff.

We have been out and about playing and meeting some new bands and a lot of new friends. We have played with some really cool bands lately and look forward to having a good time with all of you again very soon and I promise that we will not get you sick!! All of us in the band have had some kind of flu bug recently, but we are all slowly but surely getting well.

In other cool news we have a couple of new distributors in both the US and in Europe. We are all pretty happy with the changes and we think that it will help us to get our music out to a larger market worldwide. Check the record label site to find out more details on the changes.

As always we thank you for taking the time and checking out website and we hope that you return often, things change quickly so check back and find out the latest news on Further Lo!!!!!

Take care!!!!

Further Lo